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Our Yoga Vision

Our Vision is to create the space for a global yoga neighborhood community.  We already reach over 3500 like-minded souls from around the world; many of whom have been asking to participate in Bodhi Online Yoga Classes for years.  So here we are world, at your request!

Our primary aim is for you to feel as at home in our online yoga classes, as you would attending the Bodhi Yoga Center in person.  Our yoga classes are fresh, honest, intimate and inspiring. Real people, no scripting or excessive staging.  We are simply a community of dedicated yoga students, mentors and apprentices, participating in-person at The Bodhi Yoga Center, with you at home.

You will find at  weekly yoga classes, quick-fix and adaptive yoga, ayurveda cooking video blog, online workshops, as well as life-changing yoga and energy healing online certifications.  So on whatever level you choose to participate; from our free online yoga class, to unlimited yoga class membership, to becoming certified to teach the techniques you learn here, welcome to the Bodhi Yoga neighborhood.  Join now and make yourself at home!

-Syl Carson
Bodhi Yoga Founding Director