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Our Online Yoga Class Approach

We like to keep things simple at Bodhi Yoga, and let you enjoy your practice. Everything we offer is simply a suggestion.  Our philosophy is that some yoga every day, is as important as a traditional deep yoga practice once or twice a week.  Our menus perpetually rotate, with new classes monthly to stay fresh.

You will find the yoga class title just above your video window, with tags below that list the categories each class qualifies in, followed by a quick content description.

Your yoga, Ayurvedic cooking, workshops, therapeutic classes, and online yoga certifications will play on your computer, iPad or tablet, iPhone or internet television.  We recommend tablet or computer for optimal viewing.

At Bodhi Yoga, our intention is to offer affordable yoga classes and support to as many people as possible.  We keep our costs low for you.  We hope that in return, you will refer as many of your friends and family as you can to enroll for themselves at  In doing so, we gratefully support one another’s “Dharma,” the yoga word for living your essential life purpose.

Our membership menu contains five categories, with new classes being added weekly:
Online Yoga Classes,  Online Yoga Workshops,  Adaptive Yoga Therapies, In Good Taste,  For Certified Yoga Teachers.