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Online Yoga Classes

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Yoga Quick Fix 6-28 minutes

Online Yoga Classes perfect for introducing you to Bodhi Yoga™
Whether you are a beginning or advanced student of yoga, these classes will
awaken your practice at home or on the go, in under 30-minutes!
Simply log-in with your computer, tablet or smartphone.

THE SIMPLE POWER OF YOGA-an Invitation:  glimpse how yoga can change your life; benefits and approach. 6-min

BEGINNERS YOGA BREATHING: Anatomy of yoga breathing.  Three-part-breath (Dirga Swasam), and Ujjayi. 24-min

 BEGINNERS SEATED POSES: Learn how to make sitting on the floor easier for you, relieving hip tightness. 14-min

CHILD TO DOWN-DOG POSE: Explore yoga transitions between child pose and downward-facing dog. 8-min

MOVING THROUGH STANDING POSES: Standing poses, without compromising alignment, powering your poses. 14-min

BALANCING POSES: Move in a variety of yoga balancing poses, using Bodhi Yoga’s Natural Progression.  10-min

BEGINNING BACK BENDING: Open up your core-body, changing the way you age, using a variety of poses. 22-min

MANTRA MEDITATION: Give yourself a  daily meditation moment, to embrace being you. 9-min

BODHIFLOW INTRO-TIER 1: Move with the length of your breath as you scroll deeper with our evolutionary flow. 11-min

BODHIFLOW TIER 1-2: Flexibility in the Flow. Tiers I & II brings a more flexible flow to your life. 8-min.

BODHIFLOW TIERS 1-3Build strength and stamina. Move with the length of your  breath as you build strength.  11-min

BODHIFLOW TIERS 1-4:  Rolling in the Flow.  Roll out tension, rebalance your breathing and begin to flow again. 11-min

Yoga Focus in less than 1-hour: Seasonally Rotating Mind Body Balance

Online Yoga Classes that you will crave doing everyday.
Our Yoga Focus classes will awaken your love of making yoga part of your
daily routine, at home or on the go, in under 1-hour!

Springtime Yoga Focus:

BODHIFLOW-SPRING-SUMMER DETOX: One round followed by Balancing-Camel-Twists. Clear seasonal allergies 54-min

BODHISPIN SPRING-SUMMER CHAKRA YOGA: Perfect gentle chakra clearing; a workout for honoring  season’s shift. 45-min

BODHIYIN SPRING-SUMMER YOGA AND ACUPRESSURE:  Acupressure points to clear Kapha and rejuvenate. 47-min

BODHIFusion for DEPRESSION & ANXIETY:  Yin & Chakra Spin yoga, perfect practice for shifting seasons, body & mind. 59-min

Autumn-Winter Yoga Focus:

BODHIFLOW-AUTUNM EVE UNWINDING: Teirs 1-4, seated Boat, supported inversion, twisting relaxation. 30-min

BODHISPIN CHAKRA YOGA: Connecting chakras and intention through yoga.  Feel more happy & positive. 35-min

BODHIYIN RESTORATIVE LYMPHATICS:  to stimulate lymph flow, while practicing deep, healing, rest. 40-min

Yoga Practice 60 + minutes: In-depth Rotating Rhythm

Online Yoga Classes that take you deep into traditional yoga practice.
Full-length yoga classes to inspire and develop stamina in your Body, Mind & Soul,
You’ll feel right at home, as you take your time; 60-80 minute’s worth!

BODHIFLOW AUTUMN MORNING: 3-rounds of tier 1-4 followed by asanas that honor surrender. 60-min

BODHIYIN RESTORATIVE WINTER YOGA NIDRA:   Winter class focus on Yoga Nidra, for a deep rest. 1 hour 14-min

BODHISPIN VIGOR-INTENSE CHAKRA YOGA: Work up sweat and motivation to activate your New Year’s intentions. 78min