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Online Yoga Certifications – Syl Carson

Three comprehensive Yoga & Energy Healing Certifications: Click arrows and explore

  • 200-Hour Bodhi Yoga Online Teacher Training

    Immerse yourself in this comprehensive yoga teacher training. Join anytime by enrolling at today!

    certification-ytt-11Would you like to be qualified to teach Bodhi Yoga classes?  We offer one of the country’s most comprehensive yoga teacher certifications.

    You’ll learn to teach yoga classes, receive a beautiful foundation in yoga asana, pranayama breath-work, multiple yoga class styles, yoga therapies, meditation, energy healing, ayurveda yoga, hands-on adjusting from the Thai massage approach, as well as, Bodhi Yoga’s Natural Progression Asana™.  Get certified to while you enjoy a deep personal dive into the wisdom and philosophy of yoga with the comfort and feel of a personal yoga retreat.

    Should you ever want to join Syl in person for the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training, you are welcome to join in person for FREE, when you have enrolled in our online yoga certification program.

    “The Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training is such a unique opportunity. It is based on sound yoga philosophy, tradition and fresh perspectives in the practice, and offers an individual experience for growth…A true immersion that is set at a pace that is right for you. It has been the most profound and fulfilling work I have ever taken on!  An absolute privilege for me and huge benefit for my students.” – Rhonda Orm, Utah

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  • Bodhi Yoga Chakra Therapist Certification: 7 Chakras Mind & Body™ (filming May, June, July 2013)

    This life-awakening program is streaming here at now! Enroll today:

    certification-chakra-introOur Chakra Therapy Certification is the only comprehensive, and exceptionally applicable training of its kind.  Perfect for yoga teachers, massage therapists, energy-healers, traditional family therapists or simply an individual, like YOU, who is ready to learn full-spectrum chakra therapies that can be applied to any modality.

    Learn the origin of the Chakras that come from the tantric traditions of yoga, full-spectrum color therapy, aromatherapy, chakra yoga practice, and over 200 chakra alignments techniques.  Your Chakras and what they mean for you in your life, are as individual as your fingerprint, yet also hold universal application for living an awakened life, and making the most of your potential.  Enroll by Tier, or in the full certification, that includes your 300-page, full color, Chakra Therapist Manual, and complete your certification to teach and use your 7 Chakras Mind and Body™ Chakra Certification with your students and clients.

    This training is designed to be life changing, as you discover hidden wisdom in the chakra story, and real-life tools to align your chakras, as well as, your clients chakras to work together like never before.  Take your current Chakra understanding and expand it out exponentially, and you’ll have a small sense of the kind of impact that this training will make in your life and the lives of the clients who join your circle.

    “No one is teaching this important information, and I am so grateful to find here.  Learning this deep about the chakras will forever be a part of who I am and how I live from today on.  It was worth the jouney!” -Rio Ogawa, Japan

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  • Quan.TM Holographic Healer

    This training is available on DVD!
    Contact to enroll!

    certification-quantm-introYoga is the original “energy healing”.  Our QuanTM Holographic Energy Healer online training certifies you to offer private energy healing sessions to your clients.  If you are already certified in teaching yoga, Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT ), Rapid Eye Therapy ( RET ), hypnotherapy or traditional cognitive therapy, this training will give you an incredible tool to use in your practice.

    QuanTM is a facilitated meditation in the yogic practice of “Yoga Nidra”.  Our training teaches you an efficacious protocol for relaxing the “thinking-mind” through guided relaxation, dialoging with the subconscious mind through finger signals, and facilitating the connections of between your client and the Essential aspect of their “True Self”. Emotional blocks, resistance, and dissociative distortions release away and future triggers to emotional distress melt away and reintegrate through the wisdom of the essential Self and the higher truths that set us all free. The QuanTM protocol makes the release and rebalance of mind, body, spirit stress melt away quicker than you can say:  “Namaste”

    “Enrolling in the Quan.TM training with Syl has been pure and simply life-changing for me. Once I learned to do it on my own it is free and always accessible to me.  Having the privilege of sharing that with others as a facilitator, has been priceless.  They arrive with the weight of the world on their shoulders and leave glowing and empowered” – Nicole Siple, Greening Place Yoga & Meditation, Caldwell, Idaho

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