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Online Classes Overview

Yoga Quick Fix:  6-28 minute online yoga classes for a “quick pick me up”.

Yoga Focus:  30-45 minute online yoga classes that offer three distinct styles of daily yoga practice.  Each is tailored to fit your need and mood, including:

BodhiFlow Vinyasa– a slow rhythmic vinyasa class, flowing with your breath. Bring strength to flexibility, if joints are naturally “loosie-goosie”, and agility to “uber-tight” muscles.  An evolution in power yoga, designed to naturally increase your vigor and stamina, the subtle aspect of the Pitta Dosha called TEJAS.

The BodhiYin Restorative-for recovery from excessive activity or illness, filling your mind body well.  Feel the deep power in the passive stretch, using blankets and bolsters. BodhiYin Restorative yoga is for increasing your immunity and vitality, the subtle aspect of the Kapha dosha called OJAS.

BodhiSpin Chakra Energy-blossom energy when you need a boost in the mind or body. Awakening the connection through your seven chakra centers.  BodhiSpin yoga class increases your energy and life-force.  In Ayruveda this is the subtle aspect of Vata dosah called PRANA.

Yoga Practice-60-90 minute traditional yoga classes, BodhiFlow, BodhiYin, BodhiSpin.

Bodhi Beginners Class-a variety of short and long classes to help you begin your practice, Bodhi Yoga Style.