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mindvalley preview Syl Carson intro to yoga

Introduction to Yoga for Beginners


 A special beginners yoga workshop that brings the wisdom of yoga into reach for anyone.

Syl demystifies what yoga really is, as you learn to adapt the practice for your own personal focus and ability.  Together, you discover the hidden gifts of yoga in helping you develop a greater sense of personal purpose in your life, using a variety of approaches and practices.
Syl teaches classes with integrity, to real students of all ages and ability,
that give you 
the feel and comfort of practicing in person yourself.

Intro to Yoga Section I:  Includes four introductory classes

Class 1: “The Simple Power of Yoga”


Class 2:  “Daily Breath Practice”


Class 3: “Beginners Approach-Restore, Strengthen, Energize”


Class 4:  “Asana-Steady Joy”


Intro to Yoga Section II:  Includes full-length beginners yoga class & free 7-min program preview

Yoga Practice for Beginners

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Free 7-minute program preview