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Bodhi Yoga Online with Syl Carson: “Contentment is My Passion”

  • Syl CottonTree PhotoSyl Carson is an internationally recognized teacher, healer and poet, who founded Bodhi Yoga in 1998, when she was invited to share her personal yoga practice with several residents of Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort.  Shortly following, she opened the first yoga center in Utah Valley, located 45-miles south of Salt lake City.

    The Bodhi Yoga Center is located in CottonTree Square in Provo, Utah, at the base of the 9000-ft Mount Timponogos where Syl was born. CottonTree Complex rests along the banks of the Provo River Bike Path, designated in the Utah Wetland & Wildlife Preserve.

    The Bodhi Yoga™ Center was created using all earth sustainable products; from our cork flooring, mayan clay paint, to full-spectrum lighting. Syl’s design of the Bodhi Yoga™ Center used the ancient Indian art of “Vastu” (Sacred dwelling). Vastu is the Yoga of your home or work, predating Feng Shui by over 4500 years.

    Syl teaches the practice of awakening your body, mind and spirit through yoga philosophies-practices, as well as, living a poetic life.  At the continued request of students near and far, she offers, as a way for many to discover the Bodhi Yoga difference in your own home, at a time that works with your schedule, and still feel like you are in a real yoga class and enjoy an honest to goodness, traditional, neighborhood yoga experience.  There is no staging or scripting of her online classes, just clear, easy to follow, genuine yoga instruction that will leave you feeling at home in your body and practice.

  • Bodhi Yoga’s founding, director, Syl Carson, obtained her certification as a Yoga Instructor from the White Lotus Foundation, with Ganga White and Tracey Rich (a non-dogmatic foundation that certifies from a therapeutic Hatha yoga approach).

    She returned to White Lotus for advanced training in yoga instruction as well as a Thai Partner Yoga Certification.  Syl has also completed 1000-hour apprenticeship in lymphatic massage therapy, with accreditation pending as an LMT.  She has chosen, deliberately, not to obtain her massage therapy license, and keeps her work in the realm of yoga study and practice.

    Through her practice, Syl has logged over 10,000 hours of teaching and study in over seven separate yoga modalities, including: Ashtanga (with Richard Freeman and Pattabhi Jois), Kundalini (with Guru Mukha Kalkalsa), Iyengar/Hatha (with Rodney Yee), Restorative, Chakra Yoga (Anodea Judith), and “Nuad Bo Rarn”-Traditional Northern Thai Partner Yoga (Saul David Raye).

    She uses her broad understanding of the more subtle nuances of mind-body interplay, in leading classes with compassion and humor.

  • In 2004, Syl began producing and filming yoga DVDs and audio CDs, in response to students requests who could not find what they were looking for elsewhere. During her 20 years of study and practice, Syl has released five yoga, chant, and meditation audio CDs (available on iTunes), nine yoga DVDs, and two workbooks.

    In addition to the release of DVDs and CDs, Syl has written and illustrated four certification manuals (which compile over 1,000 pages of in-depth yoga study) for the four certifications offered through Bodhi Yoga, including: yoga teacher training, therapeutic partner yoga, chakra therapy and quanTM energy healer.  It was her 18-year career in the financial world that prepared her to develop these important trainings.  Her past experience also includes serving on the Utah State Board of Education Advisory Committee, where she helped write the program for bringing financial literacy into high schools, as a requirement.  In addition, she also served on the UDOT 800 North Orem, expansion Advisory Committee.

    She has also been a regular guest on the KJZZ TV morning program called “The Home Team” with host Maria Carr, as well as guest facilitator in several courses on the Chakras, (that were based on her Seven Sacred Centers Chakra Therapy workbook, written in 2001).

    In the fall of 2012 she launched, offering Bodhi Yoga’s online yoga classes, workshops and certifications worldwide.

  • Syl is an experiential teacher, who found the deeper layers of yoga through a rheumatoid arthritis and fibromayalgia diagnosis. Any wisdom that came from healing fibromyalgia and chronic pain RA management, has been put to use in the development of the Bodhi Yoga curriculum.

    Her approach is that you don’t have to have perfect health or an ideal body shape to practice yoga.  Syl teaches that the word yoga means “to yoke”, your body, mind and spirit to work in the most ideal way possible for you.  She is living proof that yoga is an incredible therapy and vital tool in managing chronic physical conditions, facing adversity and recovering from illness or injury.

    In addition to her previous physical health challenges, during 2011, with no family history, Syl was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.  She spent the year in treatment and is happy to say the “fire is out”.  Through this experience, her compassion and wisdom in the practice of yoga has, yet again, deepened.  She has dedicated a section of to “The Yoga of Adversity” for others who are going through cancer treatment, along with their care-givers, and would like to find support, in their conversations with cancer.

    Syl’s life work is dedicated to helping others find both passion and contentment, regardless of your circumstance.