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Adaptive Yoga Therapy Overview

Chair Yoga:  6-20 minute online yoga classes that help you keep your body and mind balanced at work, travel, or from a wheelchair.

Yoga for Depression & Stress:  a variety of classes that will help ease symptoms ranging from the good old fashioned “blues”, to depression.  Also discussion, yoga and meditation classes that help with long or short term post-traumatic stress and grieving.

Yoga for Cancer:  Bodhi Yoga founder, Syl Carson has first-hand experience with an invasive breast cancer diagnosis.  Her segments regarding this sensitive and very personal experience of navigating breast cancer treatments are intensely honest, intimate and inspiring.

These segments were filmed at various stages in her journey and is honored to share them with anyone going through any kind of adversity.  An intimate time, offering support to individuals at any stage in the conversation with cancer, as well as their loved ones and care givers.