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7 Chakras Mind & Body – Online Chakra Program with Syl Carson

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Discover Bodhi Yoga’s Life-changing Chakras – as individual to YOU as your fingerprint


I’m totally blown away by what has been created here.  I just feel like it was such a gift…This will serve even more because you have done it from such a vulnerable place and totally from love.  I want to thank you for it.

Maria Carr – Utah

Here’s a FREE 17.5 minute SNEAK PEEK in this 7 Chakra program not available anywhere else!

Your new millennial chakras

Did you know that in the time we live now, the chakras essentially work as one undulating stream of mind, body spirit intelligence or not at all? As we enter the “Age of Truth”, called Satya Yuga by yogis, our chakras individually have started to work COLLECTIVELY beyond anything we have known until now!

The primary aim of this certification retreat

The aim of this training is to move you past your introductory Chakra learning, into a comprehensive understanding of where these chakra spirals meet each other, within your own personal chakra imprint. Advancing your understanding with a simple, yet enlightened approach will teach you, not just what your chakras are, and what they do; you’ll learn how they can work TOGETHER in YOU as ONE ACTIVATED UNDULATING STREAM OF BODY/MIND INTELLIGENCE, that literally creates your life experience.

Awakened Chakra System

This training teaches how to gain the awareness to access this hidden potential that is blossoming in humanity right now.  Many people don’t know what to do with the intensity of this monumental time. The Bodhi Yoga Chakra Therapy Certification teaches you how to access your integrated chakras.

The philosophy of the Chakras comes from the traditions of yoga.  Yoga is a word that literally means “to yoke”.  When we “yoke” something together we actually accomplish more with less effort, less struggle, less disconnection.  When you know the axis point on which you yoke your challenges and your abundance, you can effect the greatest amount of change with the least effort. Dr. David Hawkins refers to this as The Critical Point of analysis widely accepted principle in physical science.

Video to the left is a sneak peek into the over 25-hours included, available NOW, right here.  Includes: 12 Enlightening chakra discussion classes, 8 Holographic Chakra classes,  8 chakra specific yoga practices, 7 relationship Chakra classes, 7 Chakra Therapy practice classes (Syl with clients) and 14 amazing light-color Chakra Therapy videos to awaken and align your chakras.

I feel immense love and gratitude…I am in awe of this whole program; of the whole story of how it has all come about.  This training is a fantastic foundation and I am really excited to see where it goes from here.

Mindy Sumpsion – Utah

Realize YOUR life’s potential by aligning your chakras & offering chakra therapy to clients

Session One:

The Basics on how your Chakras have made YOU who you are

sessiononeLearn history, hidden wisdom and understand the 7 Chakras Mind & Body in a whole new way with the “Four Aspects of Chakra Therapy”; as well as, the path of working through limitations and blocks, while using the manifesting potential of allowing downward Grace to clear your path for you!

A quick peek: Session One

Session Two:

Awakening YOUR Holographic Chakra Fingerprint

sessiontwoDiscover the simply amazing hologram of all chakras working within each of your 7 Chakras Mind & Body, as you activate your individual chakra finger-print. Enjoy a Holographic Yoga and Light-Color Chakra Therapy practice and awaken your chakras to align and move as one stream of potential, called YOU!

A quick peek: Session Two

Session Three:

Aligning YOUR Chakras in real-life streaming Abundance

sessionthreeGive clients and students private intuitive chakra therapy sessions, with seven practice sessions using your Bodhi Yoga Chakra Therapy Deck™, 300 page reference manual and full spectrum chakra aromatherapy.  Discover Female (anima inner masculine), and Male (animus inner feminine) relationships. 

A quick peek: Session Three

Enroll for your self, or to facilitate deeper personal transformation for your clientele.
Learn how the chakras interplay within life relationships that matter most, from spouses to children, to co-workers, learn the healing power of awakening and how to put that awakening to practical use in your life.

Each class includes suggested reading from your manual, following along with your Chakra Deck™
and using your Chakra Therapy template sheets.  Dive into one of the most comprehensive
and beautifully applicable explanation of your chakras, that is relevant
for living a full-spectrum, live-streaming, more abundant life!

“No one is teaching this important information, and I am so very grateful to it find here.  Learning this deep about the chakras will forever be a part of who I am and how I live from today on.  It was worth the journey to Bodhi Yoga!”

Rio Ogawa – Japan

Enroll, or simply purchase your Chakra Deck™ here


7 Chakras Mind & Body Online Certification

 “I’m Ready for Alignment!”

Full-spectrum Chakra Therapist Certification Program
Authorizing you to teach & practice Bodhi Yoga Chakra Therapy™ 

Includes beautiful full-color 300-page Chakra Therapy reference manual, Bodhi Yoga Chakra Deck™ (shipped to you), as well as full access to full-yoga, cooking, adaptive yoga therapies and workshops section FREE for 1 year!  Learn the ways the 49 holographic chakras work in the female (anima – feminine in him) and male (animus – masculine in her).  You will learn to give private chakra therapy sessions to your students and clients with seven practice Chakra Therapy sessions (using the Bodhi Yoga Chakra Therapy Deck™, 300-page reference manual).  This enlightened approach to full-spectrum Chakra Therapy will open your understanding of the power of the chakras to intuit, awaken, align and change lives for the better! Stream all classes to your computer as soon as you enroll.

Whether you are simply an individual wanting to dive as deep as you can go, or a bodyworker, yoga teacher, energy healer or cognitive therapist, enroll today and set yourself apart with Chakra Therapy™ in your practice.

Sessions One, Two & Three
Comprehensive ChakraTherapy
Program Tuition: $950.00

Special Holiday ENROLLMENT through Summer 2019!

Tuition is just $650.

(Please note: On international orders, enrollees are responsible for cost to ship manual and chakra deck.  Syl will contact you to let you know the cost that will need to be paid through PayPal)

Enroll HERE

On Friday September 26th, 2014, Syl spoke of the 7 Chakras Mind & Body™ program in an interview on BlogTalk Radio with host Lena Gozurian.  Learn more and listen, click HERE  

In addition you receive an open invitation to participate in the annual Chakra Therapist Conference-Retreat in-person with Syl, at the Bodhi Yoga Center, should you ever want to make your own chakra pilgrimage to our door.

Annual in-person Chakra Attunement is always FREE to enrollees of this program.
We meet each year on the last Saturday in June at Bodhi Yoga:

Begin with discussion, Q&A and pot-luck lunch together.  That afternoon we move to Syl’s home for intro to using gemstone therapy and light-color videos in chakra healing, group chakra yoga alignment practice at the Labyrinth, followed by Labyrinth walk to activate your light-body-chakras to work as one.

Want to simply start with this incredible full-color deck of Chakra cards?
Purchase Your Own Bodhi Yoga Chakra Deck™ Here:


61 Full-color holographic chakra therapy cards, each one with a beautiful chakra mandala, mantra and life-changing intention.  Draw a card in the morning, and set you path for the day, or dive deeper into chakra healing, alignment and life-path wisdom.

Learn about your chakras and view a free 27-minute free class on how to use your Bodhi Yoga Chakra Deck™: Click Here


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This Chakra training gave me a deeper understanding of what makes me and others tick. I like to draw a card out of my Chakra Deck™ and ponder it’s meaning for my day.  Learning from Syl is always a joy.

Renae Pelo