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7 Chakras Mind & Body – Chakra Therapies

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  • 7 Chakras Mind & Body AromaTherapy™

    4-Tiered Chakra AromaTherapy 

    Four essential oils for each of your 7 Chakras Mind & Body™ are offered to enrollees of this program.  Your 300-page Chakra Therapy manual includes our 4-Tiered approach to aromatherapy.  Discover in-depth descriptions on the benefits and applications for using the AromaTherapy that brings your chakras in to holographic alignment.

    The essential oils range in price and availability from $15.-$400 priced by grade and ml.  Each has been hand picked by Syl, through her private work with some of the world’s top aromatherapists. (not available through any commercial essential oil companies).

    You have two options to choose from when it comes to using these incredible boutique therapeutic essential oils:

    Option 1:  Once you’ve participated in the full online 7 Chakras Mind & Body™ program, order just the essential oils that speak to you, through a private consult with Syl and the Bodhi Yoga staff by emailing:

    Option 2:  Order a trace sample kit, including a trace or few drops of each of the 49 rare precious grade oils: $75.00

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  • Chakra Alignment Guided Imagery Streaming Videos

    Visual Streaming Chakra Alignment and Color Therapy

    As a participant of’s 7 Chakras Mind & Body™, you will be authorized to purchase a wide array of Bodhi Yoga ChakraTherapy videos to offer your clients, for increasing individual chakra alignment and powerful awakening.  Our wonderful videos with help bring the chakras into alignment, including:

    “Your Initial Life-path Potential – from intention, conception and crowning” to clear Root Chakra issues and align with self-worth, grounding, physical abundance and more.

    “Yoga Holographic Chakra Healing Liberations – from Root to Crown and Activated Light Body” to clear issues with your feminine (anima in men), for  liberating blocks and struggle between your 7 Chakras Mind & Body™.

    “Your Holographic Chakra Manifesting Current – from Crown to Root” to clear issues with your masculine (animus in women) and open the channels for abundance to flow into the realms of the everyday miraculous.

    “Your Holographic Chakra Releasing  – Surrendering Deep “ clear unconscious projections that keep resurfacing and limiting potential; open channels for awakening  your Essential Self-Dharma.

    An ongoing visionary evolution from Syl and

  • Bodhi Yoga Chakra Deck™

    Wholesale Pricing on the Chakra Deck™

    You will be authorized to purchase sets of the Chakra Deck™ at wholesale pricing to sell to your clientele.

    They will love working with you as you teach them about this profound energy healing tool for “Everyday Chakra Alignment”.  Using these sacred gems, you will learn about offering Bodhi Yoga ChakraTherapy in Session Three of our 7 Chakras Mind & Body™ online chakra certification.

    Your clients will love learning to meditate on the beautiful images (painted by Syl), use the mantras and work with the intentions.  Each of these 49 primary “Your Nature” and “Chakra-in-Chakra” cards will take them step-by-step through the paths of their light-body.  This beautiful Bodhi Yoga Chakra Deck™ will guide them to a new understanding of their potentials, held right in the palm of the hand.

    Option 1:  Once you’ve participated in the full online 7 Chakras Mind & Body™ program, order packs of 5 Chakra Decks™ for $29.-each from Syl and the Bodhi Yoga staff by emailing:

    Option 2:  Once you’ve participated in the full online 7 Chakras Mind & Body™ program, order packs of 15 Chakra Decks™ for $25.-each from Syl and the Bodhi Yoga staff by emailing:

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